Welcome, my name is Jeriah Courage Bendixen, a.k.a. “JC Bendixen”, owner and operator of Master Sweep Chimney Service, LLC. In the early 1980s, my father, Gary Bendixen founded two businesses  Air Heating and Refrigeration and Master Sweep Chimney Sweep. I began working as his apprentice in 1990 at the age of twelve, thus finding a certain charm and enjoyment in professional chimney service. As young lanky youths, my brother and I were greeted by gawking customers as we stood at their front door with brushes in hand. We often heard, “How old are you?” Over time we became noted as trustworthy and cherished sweeps amongst the same customers who had come to appreciate my Dad's services.

In recognition of my years of service, upon my marriage in July 2010, my father entrusted me with the chimney business. Thus, my new wife Aurora Bendixen and I began our married life as the proud heirs of Master Sweep Chimney Service, LLC. We intend to keep the business in the family as we work in conjunction with my three brothers in Air Heating and Refrigeration. We look forward to some day entrusting our children with our legacy of professional chimney sweeps!

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