Fireplace Inserts:

These are similar to a free standing stove, minus the typical feet that support a wood stove, and with the addition of a surround flashing plate. This flashing covers the old fireplace opening. (Michigan Residential building code requires that such inserts be connected to the flue with a pipe, internal to the fireplace) If a fireplace insert has to be removed to sweep the fireplace, in the absence of such a connector, as a matter of sweeping the chimney, there will be a $76 additional charge, and this will add about an hour.


On rare occasions, our flat rate plan does not apply. These rare occasions typically are in cases of extremely large fireplaces. By large, we mean that our entire body, or bodies are inside the firebox. In these cases, special protective measures must be taken by the chimney sweep to preserve their own health and safety. These flues also require a very large flue brush, which are often custom ordered. We will provide a quote at the cost of $100 prior to beginning any work.

Also rare, is extremely dirty chimneys. We have seen singular flues that could take 4 1/2 hours to clean. These will typically add a cost of $185

Accessibility to chimney top is difficult to impossible:

During some Michigan weather, and depending on the height of a chimney, or objects blocking access to the chimney, we will have to charge more. Access may include a return trip for a taller ladder, rental of a boom truck, or harness and lead rope equipment to access the chimney top. Other times, we may ask you to hire a tree trimmer, or we may have to remove a stone chimney cap. In many cases this will add $150 - $300. For this, we will provide you with a free quote prior to beginning any additional work.

Wood Burning Stoves:

On rare occasions, our flat rates do not apply on wood stoves. These occasions typically are in cases of improperly installed, or rusted stove pipes. This usually involves replacing your stove pipe with a slip collar. The charges could add $100 - $200. We will provide a free quote prior to beginning any additional work.

Inadequate Electric Service:

We need a 20 Amp circuit to operate our dust collection vacuum cleaner. These are required by Michigan Residential Building code to be in laundry rooms, and kitchens. If this is not present when we come out, and we have to come back a Service Call will be charged when we can't sweep the chimney at the scheduled time.