Levels of Inspection Defined: 

Level 1 Inspections: Includes a rudimentary look at the chimney. During this inspection we'll identify combustible deposits, blockages, taking measurements and listing any concerns that need redressing in a report. These inspections are typical for homeowners who keep on track with their annual chimney maintenance, and are also recommended when changing out a chimney connected appliance with one of similar size, or type.

Level 2 Inspections: Along with everything found in a Level I this level digs in deeper, and includes camera scan, interior/exterior, may include basement, crawlspace, and attic depending on how the chimney is structured to the home. Because of access to the roof, our report will additionally list any weather damage concerns. These inspections are recommended when adding, or removing an appliance of dissimilar type, or size, ect., sudden changes have affected the chimney such as weather damage, chimney fire, house fire, ect. Also recommended upon sale or transfer of property, and prior to relining a flue.

Level 3 Inspection: Again, building upon everything within the former levels, Level III includes external and internal portions of the chimney structure, including concealed areas of the building or chimney; includes removal of components of building or chimney where necessary, but only as necessary to gain access to areas that are the subject of the inspection.