Service Call:

$100 1st 1/2 hour + $37 per 1/2 hour

Examples:  Nest removal, flue cap repair, water leak troubleshoot.

Trim replacement  - painting over new step flashing (1).JPG

Chimney Sweep + Level I Inspections: 

$130 1st hour + $37 per 1/2 hour. 

Usually takes 1 hour if pre-fab, or up to 2 hours if chimney also has appliances.  Could take longer if exceptionally dirty, large, or additional fireplaces serviced by chimney.  

Chimney Sweep + Level II Inspections:

$225 1 1/2 hours + $37 per 1/2 hour.

Cleaning with inspection including camera scan, interior/exterior, may include basement, crawlspace, and attic depending on how the chimney is structured to the home. Condition report comes with inspection and any estimates for repair can be requested from the report.  Usually takes 1-1/2 to 2-1/2 hours, unless exceptionally dirty, large or in poor condition, or unless additional appliance(s) are connected, or additional fireplace(s) are serviced by the chimney.

Chimney relined, and extended by 1 Ft., and Ahren's Handyman Cleanout door installed in smoke chamber.JPG

Post runaway fire restoration - chimney relined, PCR creosote remover treatement for heavy glazed creosote in smoke chamber, brickwork built higher, formed crown laid.JPG

Glazed Creosote Removal: 

We offer specialized cleaning techniques, required for glazed creosote, such as PCR or Cre-Away.  We offer ProKleen style glaze removal and wizard rotary cleaning at same charge as Chimney Sweep + Level I Inspection.

Post chimney fire flue tile removal - Level III inspection for glazed creosote prior to flue relining. No heavy glazed creosote found. Such a thin coating does not merit removal.JPG

Level III Inspections:

Level III Inspections will sometimes be recommended by our professional judgment, and not typically pre-arranged.  Our charge for this will typically be $37 per 1/2 hour overtime past the starting charge. 

Brick courses laid at top to amount to min. 36 In. rise above roof required for chimney relining, and formed crown laid on top of sheet metal bond break, complying with code.JPG

Masonry Repair and Tuck-pointing:

We do small 3 hour $300 jobs, up to multiple day jobs costing $4,000 or more.  Our estimates are charged at service call rates and are deducted from any contract resulting.  Usually we will recommend a Level II inspection, however and this cost is not recouped.  

FireGuard flue correction video inspection after installation.JPG

Chimney Relining and Fireguard Flue Lining Correction:

Estimates for relining or FireGuard are typically emailed between 10-14 days after a Level II Inspection.  We are uniquely offering FireGuard as an alternative to relining, as only two contractors offer this in Michigan.  However, video scan during Level II Inspection proves whether your flue is a candidate for this alternative.  

Formed crown laid.JPG

Chimney Caps, Crowns and Chase Covers:

  • Standard flue-tile-mount caps installed typically run $144-$174 for the first cap and $44-$74 per additional cap, up to two caps (this is because of the service call fee for 1/2 hour).  

  • Concrete Crowns average prices run $650-$900, and need to be measured and estimated.

  • Chase Covers typically offering aluminum, run $500-$750.  Steel and Stainless steel can also be done.  

Please note: 3% processing fee for all payments by credit card.  

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