We do not set appointments for free estimates. 

  • Inspections are a matter of course with every scheduled chimney sweep.

  • We encourage inspecting every chimney and / or appliance annually as outlined by the NFPA Code 211.

  • Each inspection comes with a free estimate, if the work to be estimated is within our offerings. 

  • Giving estimates without scheduling an interior inspection is a “band-aid” temporary fix, and the problem would still persist. From our perspective, these outside issues that are occurring from the ground are indicators of larger issues inside of the chimney.

  • Work on each singular chimney is separately priced.

  • If you are an annual customer you are rolled into last years' pricing.

  • Please be sure your stove or fireplace is free of fire, hot coals and embers in preparation for your service, as we will not work on these. Please remove coals, and allow for 24 hours of cool down before calling us. A Service Call will be charged when a flue is hot and we can't clean it at the scheduled time. 

  • PLEASE BE SURE TO REMOVE ALL SENSITIVE PERSONAL EFFECTS, AND WHEN ABLE, MAKE READY ACCESS TO THESE AREAS BEFORE OUR LEVEL 2 INSPECTIONS; fireplace hearth, attic entrance access point to chimney, crawlspace access point to chimney, appliances connected to chimney, chimney foundation wall.


Service Call:

$100 1st 1/2 hour + $74 per hour

Examples:  Nest or critter carcass removal, flue cap repair, water leak troubleshoot, troubleshooting of gas log set malfunction, troubleshooting of smoke spill or draft spill issue.

Chimney Sweepings:

Trim replacement  - painting over new step flashing (1).JPG

Chimney Sweep + Level I Inspections: 

$204.00 for single flue. (typically takes up to 1 1/2 hours)

$152.00 – for each additional flue in the same chimney / chase. (could app up to another 1 1/2 hours per flue)

Chimney Sweep + Level II Inspections:

$282.00 for single flue. (typically takes up to 2 1/2 hours)

$222.00 for each additional flue to be swept. (could add another 2 hours)

Work on each separate chimney is priced apart

Chimney relined, and extended by 1 Ft., and Ahren's Handyman Cleanout door installed in smoke chamber.JPG

Chimney Inspections:

Post chimney fire flue tile removal - Level III inspection for glazed creosote prior to flue relining. No heavy glazed creosote found. Such a thin coating does not merit removal.JPG

Level 1 Chimney Inspection:

$137.00 for single flue (typically takes 1 hour)

$108.00 per flue for multiple flues in the same chimney / chase (could add another hour per flue)

Post runaway fire restoration - chimney relined, PCR creosote remover treatement for heavy glazed creosote in smoke chamber, brickwork built higher, formed crown laid.JPG

Level 2 Chimney Inspection:

$190.00 for single flue (typically takes 1 1/2 hours)

$279.00 for multiple flues in the same chimney / chase, up to 2 flues (typically takes 3 hours)

Work on each separate chimney is priced apart 

FireGuard flue correction video inspection after installation.JPG

Level 3 Chimney Inspection:

Level 3 Inspections will sometimes be recommended by our professional judgment, and not normally requested by our customers.  Our charge for this will typically be at a service call rate. 

Please note: 3% processing fee for all payments by credit card.  
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